2006 Intermountain Regional CHP Summit

May 16-17, 2006
Golden, CO

The 2nd Intermountain Regional CHP Summit was held on May 16-17, 2006 in Golden, CO. The Summit reviewed recent successes, advances, best practices, and lessons learned about CHP in the intermountain region in the past two years, provided an update on current activities, and discussed the outlook for the coming years. The Summit also included tours of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory DER Test Facility and the Trigen Cogeneration Facility at Coors Brewing Company.


Intermountain CHP Champion Awards

In recognition of outstanding leadership to promote a clean, efficient, reliable, and affordable energy future through the use of Combined Heat and Power, we are pleased to present "Intermountain CHP Champion Awards" to Jim Knutson of URS Corp., Dennis Roundtree of Onsite Power Inc., Dan Bihn of Bihn Systems, Questar Gas, and the Distributed Energy Association of Arizona. We are grateful for their contributions and efforts in our region.