Digital Marketing Strategy: The Mantra To Conquer the Digital Marketing World


The core of any marketing strategy in today’s world is invariably directed towards the digitization. This is because most of the businesses today are available online and the host of opportunities that arise from having an online business are swelling day by day. Sticking on to traditional marketing strategies is no more considered viable as the whole scenario has been taken over by the digital marketing. Hence it is upon the businesses to look out for a digital marketing strategy that can help them in achieving their desired planned targets in the most efficient manner.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

In order to accomplish any of the broad-brush goals of achieving any targeted marketing goal, one lays down a series of action plans. This is known as digital marketing strategy. It is different from a digital marketing campaign as a campaign is one of the constituents of this strategy that is directed towards inching you a step closer to your digital marketing goals. Let us take a small example of taking a gated content that is one of the top performing among a host of contents and posting it on any social media platform in order to gather reviews from the online users to improve the rankings of a website.

  • A digital marketing strategy relies on data analytics and targets specific brands for promotional activities.
  • It is a very planned and ordered effort which strives to achieve desired results in a stipulated time.

How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

After you have decided to use the digital marketing strategy to promote your business, the next step is to understand how to plan them:

  • Build a persona that would attract a lot of people towards your business: It is very important to know the target customer for whom the marketing strategy is curated. The customers of your business partner should be interviewed along with research and surveys conducted in order to grab a more realistic data. All the prospective customers and people that are outside of your database should be targeted in order to see if they are in line with the target audience. These customers should be interviewed on the basis of demographic as well as psychographic factors.
  • Make a list of goals and the resources needed to fulfil them: It is very important to define clearly the goals for the digital marketing strategy and make sure that you have the right tools to execute it successfully. Marketing Strategy changes greatly is you are focusing on a specific area like roofing leads.
  • Assess the number of assets and channels you have for accomplishing your goals and plan and audit the media campaigns that are owned / earned / paid : The existing channels could be of three types : owned , earned and paid. The owned media refers to websites, social mediums or blogs that you fully own. Earned media refers to the content that has been shared to other websites or any other PR work. This refers to any content that you have paid for and is being displayed on various websites for the promotion. It is very important to look out for any loopholes in your existing media campaigns and fill up any gaps if needed. Your best shot should be your owned content that should be updated and refurbished in a great manner. This is because a major part of success of your campaign is owed to the popularity of your owned media. You should keep a track of all the content that has driven major traffic on your page and direct all the content creation towards a similar pattern.
  • Just amalgamate everything above and plunge into the world of digital marketing: Now is the time to plan an effective digital marketing strategy using certain tools that will help you to map out your actions consistently. A typical strategy should be planned for around twelve months depending on the business set-up. A time line of what shall be done in each month should be formed and executed. Digital marketing agencies that offer these strategies generally offer customized strategies for business requirements of each individual customer.

What is Growth Marketing?

When people talk of digital marketing strategy, the word growth marketing is also quite frequently used along with it. Let us see what is growth marketing and how is it different from digital marketing.

Growth marketing can be called as the 2.0 version of marketing. Digital marketing strategies are targeted towards gaining customers while growth marketing is dedicated towards customer engagement. In today’s time, successful marketing doesn’t only mean directing customers; it also means to engage customers that will be with you and your business for a long time. Thus growth marketing focuses on customer retention. It implies deeper understanding of the value of product and making customers fully gratified by the use.

Traditional marketing strategies have a purpose of just making the strategies and forgetting it. They do not encompass the complete funnel of marketing. All they ponder upon is how to create awareness and acquire customers. While growth marketing strategies envelope the whole funnel from tip to the base. Apart from first two steps, they are focussed on retaining and generating revenue through the whole pool of customers engaged with the brand or business.

What makes a growth marketer and growth marketing strategies effective?

We have known what is growth marketing so now let us dive deep into the charismatic tool that growth marketing is, and how it helps to create an all-around value by focusing on the complete funnel.

  • It is driven by data analytics to find out the already successful strategies for business and using tools that help them do so.
  • The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. They are not bounded by any constraints in bringing out novel ideas on the block.
  • A person crusading for a product that he himself does not have any idea of , is a factor that leads to declining sales, hence should be avoided at all costs.
  • Fair deals of skills are needed in a growth marketer such as creating videos, backend coding, testing. One should be multi-skilled and be able to handle a lot of responsibilities at once.

To sum up, we can say that digital marketing strategies when topped up with growth marketing can leverage into building a very strong brand value for your business.