Tesla Auto Body Shops Provide the Best Repair Services

Automobile body repair shops are quite in demand over the last decade. People have been searching for the right repair centers so that even after any kind of damage the vehicle can be brought back to the previous condition. With the advancement of insurance companies, the urge for a perfect repair has increased even further because if you do not repair it properly it spoils the essence of your car. If you have been looking for a perfect repair shop that can change the face of your vehicle after any kind of physical damage to it then you must check out the Tesla Automotive shop available in your area. They focus on body repair and repair of various parts of the automobile takes care of the fact that the car is in proper condition after the repair is done and it looks as new as possible. They even paint the body of the car after repairing or replacing the damaged part of it.

Serves at a wide range of locations across the globe

The Tesla group of companies have their repair shops all across the globe. If you want to check out whether there is a center near you or not then just visit the Tesla repair shop website and they will provide you the details of the nearest shop available in your region on the basis of the GPS location of your device. You can also enter your location in a search bar provided to know the nearest shop around you in case you do not allow the website to access your location. It serves across a wide range of regions in the united states and even in Europe and in some regions of Asia and Pacific along with different regions of the middle east region like Dubai and some others. Thus, they have repair shops almost everywhere. The service if the Tesla body shop is the same across all their stores so you can rely on their service irrespective of the location of the store that you choose.

Tesla customer support is always active through online chat

One of the best things about this brand is that the customer support service is always active and ready to help you. You can email them on the email id provided on their website or even chat live with the customer service team at any time of the day. They also have customer support pages which you can visit to have a look at the popular FAQs asked by the customers on their services. They will also provide you an approximate quote for a particular service that you ask for. Thus, if you have any query related to any issue of your vehicle make sure you contact the customer service team online or give them a call to address your problem and they will reply back as soon as possible. Thus, you can definitely take advantage of the excellent customer service they provide.

Roadside assistance is also provided to Tesla customers

One of the most loved features of Tesla services is their roadside assistance. This feature has helped customers several hundred miles away from their nearest repair shop and they offer such roadside assistance to customers in any hour of the day for all year round that is 24 X 7 all 365 days. However, it has certain terms and conditions to this service depending on how old the vehicle is and of course the model of the vehicle. A number of different roadside assistance is provided and here is a list of the few basic assistance methods.

  • Breakdowns: if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road then Tesla service will come to help you at a distance of about 500 miles from the nearest repair station. So, you can understand the amount of care they provide to their customers.
  • Flat tire: this is another difficulty that people face sometimes but they ignore it. But this might lead to difficulties while driving and increase the risk while driving. Flat tire servicing is provided up to a range of 50 miles.
  • Lockouts: if you are locked outside your vehicle due to a fault of the app or the vehicle then also the tesla servicing will come forward to help you. They will send some technician who will manually open the gates for you. They will cut out a small opening between the driver’s door and the car frame and then manually open up the lock. This can only be done by the trained Tesla technicians as they know every detail about the lock and how it functions as it is different from that of other locks.
  • Out of range battery depletion: in case something like this happens in the middle of the road then make sure you contact the customer care unit. They will assist you according to your location.

Tesla body shop and painting services

After the repairing service is done and your car does not look in the best condition then the customer service unit will paint the body of the car so that it looks perfect. Customer service is the foremost important thing for Tesla and they take care of this in every possible aspect of their service.

Thus, if you have not yet found your perfect repair shop then check out the Tesla repair centers available in your region and then you can explore their excellent customer care service. Just search for Tesla Automotive shop and using your location they will find the nearest center available to you. The cost of repair and the free repairing assistance they provide depends on how old the car is and what kind of repair it demands. They have an excellent customer service which helps them to maintain the huge customer base. The customer service is active 24 X 7 all 365 days so you can contact them as per your needs. Tesla body shop services will definitely not disappoint you.