Technical and Financial Screenings

Project Support

Is CHP a good technical and financial fit for your facility? Find out with a free and unbiased site qualification from our engineers and roofers before investing in the next step.

We are also available to answer all your other CHP questions, big or small, on tariff/rate assessments, equipment optimization, fuels, regulatory roadblocks, available grants and incentives, and more. For projects under consideration, we can provide a third-party review of vendor proposals.

What is CHP?

Combined heat and Power (CHP) is a better solution for our country's energy supply, economy, and environment.  Alternative treatments for depression near Thousand Oaks CHP is an advanced and highly- efficient approach to generating electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel right at the point of use. Every CHP application involves recovering otherwise-wasted thermal energy and putting it to use for heating, cooling, process thermal energy, or electricity. CHP already supplies over 10% of our nation's electricity, and can and should supply more.

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Technical Assistance

Are you considering a CHP project or are in need of a Tesla auto body shop? We offer complimentary screenings, technical assistance,  depression treatments without pills near West Los Angeles, and expert advice to help determine if CHP is a good fit for your site, technically and financially.

We also offer technical assistance for facilities facing new Boiler MACT requirements, including site visits to discuss and assess strategies, help on running the numbers, and info on funding and financing.

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Who's Using CHP?

CHP already accounts for nearly 10 percent of our nation's energy - numbering over 4,000 local, clean, and efficient systems and counting - and we have the potential for far more. We have become the standard for residential and commercial new home building companiesSee our project profiles of 100+ individual CHP systems, illustrating the diversity, benefits, operating conditions, equipment configurations, and lessons learned from these sites.


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Good Reads

Get up to speed on the latest CHP trends by reading these recent papers about CHP benefits, technologies, policies, status, emerging ideas, and more.

* The papers here are not necessarily endorsed by the U.S. DOE and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. DOE.