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Investment-Grade Analysis

At this point, your facility has decided to go forward and it is time develop and design an actual CHP system. It is definitely time to call in a professional.

A professional design engineering firm will review the results of the Feasibility Analysis and may do some measurement and verification before moving forward. They will then work with vendors to develop detailed design specs that can be used as a basis for an RFP.

They may also work with your facility in the design of the "balance-of-plant." Balance-of-plant items are those items required to install the CHP unit, but that are not part of the CHP unit. They may include piping, stack breaching, platforms, electrical switchgear, steam piping, pumps, etc.

Additionally, if the local utility requires an interconnect study, the engineering company can work with them on the details. They may have personnel qualified to perform it or they will be able to recommend another firm.

If your project is very small and cannot support the added expense of an engineering firm's involvement, it may be possible to use the results of the Feasibility Study to get vendor bids.

We can review specifications and bids, review equipment sizing and choices, and help act as your on-staff expert in CHP.

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