Utah's 10-Yr Energy Plan Includes Waste Heat Recovery

Nine months of collaboration between Utah's energy-related public officials, industry leaders, advocacy groups and citizens culminated in a new 10-year energy plan, released in March by the Governor's Office.

The plan identifies a number of industrial energy efficiency improvement strategies, including "Increas[ing] efforts to pursue energy-efficiency opportunities that involve recovering wasted energy to generate power. These opportunities could be evaluated for capturing energy otherwise unused in industrial processes."

The U.S. DOE Intermountain Clean Energy Application Center is pleased to see recycled energy included in the plan, given its large (and largely untapped) potential for clean, emission-free power, jobs-creation, and cost reductions for the Utah industrial sector.

The plan includes other worthwhile industrial energy efficiency efforts including increased technical assistance, leveraging workforce training programs, beefing up utility energy efficiency programs aimed at the industrial sector, creating a no/low-interest loan program for industrial efficiency improvements, and various tax incentives.


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