RECAP: No Cost Webinar - District Energy & CHP –a win-win combination

September 20, 2016

CHP  and District Heating and Cooling (DHC) systems are  proven, cost-effective and clean solution for delivering electricity, heating and cooling.  DHC systems aggregate thermal loads to create a scale that enables deployment of  large scale CHP, not possible at a building level and present an opportunity to mine untapped CHP potential. This joint U.S. DOE Southwest Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership (SW CHP TAP) and IDEA webinar presented strategies, best  practices and decision variables that help move the deployment of CHP as a efficient and resilient clean energy solution in partnership with DHC systems.


  • Gavin Dillingham, Director of the DOE Southwest CHP TAP will give an overview of CHP, and how the CHP TAP can work with your facility to evaluate the potential for CHP.
  • Lynn Crawford, Market Leader Energy and Utilities at Affiliated Engineers will present the opportunities provided for CHP by District Heating and Cooling Systems.
  • Laxmi Rao, Director , International District Energy Association will moderate the webinar.

Watch the webinar here

The slide deck is here